Investment "iron"
yielding 12% p.a.

Buying a shipping container is more stable and secure than investing in gold.
Your investment is also backed by real assets.

"People need storage space all the time and shipping containers are such a scarce commodity that they don't lose value."

Tomas Lichtenberg, founder

Why invest
in shipping containers?

Available investment

The basic amount invested is CZK 150,000. Higher investments are possible in its multiple.

Solid partner

We have had several successful investment projects. We have invested our own CZK 15 million in this project.

Investment in real assets

Your investment is covered by a specific shipping container. This way you store your money in a safe way.

No fees

Zero entry costs, no fees or commissions. There is no reason for this.

High demand

Containers are a scarce commodity worldwide and we are releasing them gradually. This quarter there are only 9 containers left.

Quarterly evaluation

While the container holds a constant value, we pay you money every quarter.

Your investment from

150 000 CZK

Current appreciation

12% p.a.


5 years

Quarterly we will pay you from

10 082,36 CZK

Return on investment 150 000 CZK, 5 years, 12% p.a.

For a detailed breakdown of the total investment, please fill out the form below and we will send you a sample contract and a sample payment plan.

Come with us to evaluate your money

We'll be happy to send you more information and a draft contract so you know exactly what you're getting into. Everything is of course non-binding.

About us

We are a Czech company specializing in the rental of warehouse properties. We currently have 5 storage locations around Prague offering short and long term rentals of container mini warehouses, small warehouse halls and standard warehouse. Our aim is to offer a sensible, efficient and sustainable product to the highest standard. We provide secure and affordable storage to private and public individuals.

And why have we opened up to retail investors? Together we can offer faster storage space to those who need storage. Demand is high, we have the containers and the space to put them and the ambition to grow with you.

What you ask us most often

Your money will be used exclusively for the acquisition of warehouse contetejners. Before the actual implementation of the transaction, we will analyze each project or new location in terms of the attractiveness of the location, the cost and the preliminary interest of potential tenants in the area.

Fill in the contact form above, you will immediately receive a draft contract and a sample repayment schedule from us, you will get complete information before the investment itself. Within a few days, we will handle everything, sign a contract and after receiving the invested amount, you will receive money in your bank account every quarter.

Never mind. We post investment opportunities regularly. Leave us your contact using the contact form above and when we open a new investment opportunity, we will contact you.

To invest with us, you must meet three simple rules

  • have the amount you want to invest
  • have a bank account in his or her own name
  • want to appreciate your money

The contract can be terminated at any time, the standard notice period is 6 months.

Yes, next year we are preparing to sell part of the share in the company. Our existing investors, which you may also be, will be approached as a matter of priority and will receive a more advantageous offer.

Unequivocally not. With us, you do not pay any entry, exit or management fees for your investment.

Yes, definitely – you can. Investing with us is very simple.
In general, for investments, interest income is subject to income tax, but personal tax is paid by the issuer (i.e. us). So you don't have to worry about anything.
Only if you want to invest as a legal entity, interest income pays you tax-free, and you must therefore include it in the income in your tax return.

The minimum amount for investing in this round is CZK 150,000. You can also invest higher amounts in its multiple, e.g. CZK 300,000, CZK 450,000, etc. The condition for a higher investment is the availability of free containers.

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