Parking space for motorhomes


  • Safe standing, guarded area
  • Drinking water and electricity connection
  • Waste facilities, possibility to pour out chemical toilets
  • Camera system
  • Year-round parking or just for winter
  • Parking for a passenger car instead of a motorhome for the duration of the ride.
  • Access 24 hours a day

Park your caravan safely with us! Whether all year round or just for the winter. We have outdoor parking spaces available in our locations - in Prague 5 Zličín, Prague 10 Malešice, Chodov and Střížkov.

Of course there is a service point for pumping water, recharging electricity and waste disposal, including the contents of the chemical toilet. You can go anytime, the grounds are open 24 hours a day. While you are on a motorhome trip, you can of course park your car in its place.


Parking is available in our locations - Prague 5 Zličín, Prague 11 Chodov and Prague 9 Střížkov

Price of outdoor parking of a motorhome

           1 month

1,800,- CZK / month



                                      Refundable deposit of one month's rent including VAT.

              3 months

1,710,- CZK / month

5% discount

you save 90,- CZK / month

               6 months

1,620- CZK / month

10% discount

you save 180,- CZK / month

               12 months

1,530,- CZK / month

15% discount

you save 270,- CZK / month


Discounts apply only when paying in advance for a given period. Refundable deposit of one month's rent including VAT.