Container warehouses

Do you need to store large quantities of goods or materials quickly? Are you moving your apartment or house?

We currently offer two sizes of containers in our locations suitable for storing larger pieces of property or larger volumes of material. Whether it's surplus goods or materials that have arrived earlier than you expected, or you are moving house and the refurbishment of your new home is on hold. For smaller items we have mini warehouses on offer here.

Smaller container
"M" - 14,5 m2

  •   about 300 boxes
  • office content (60m2)
  • contents of the apartment 1+1, furniture (60m2)
  •   contents of the larger garage
  • up to 5 motorcycles or 9 scooters
  •   up to 10 Euro pallets

Larger container
"L" - 29 m2

  • about 500 boxes
  • office contents, furniture (100m2)
  • contents of the apartment - house 3+1 (100m2)
  • up to 12 motorcycles or 18 scooters
  • up to 22 Euro pallets

Current prices and locations can be found here