Mini-stores for your space

We offer a ready-made solution. Storage cubicles of 3m² or 6m² with automatic code lock, equipped with lighting. They are ideal as an archive for companies, a place for a cellar or as a storage for bikes or scooter. With remote access control, with full control of who enters when.

Rent a ready-made solution from us

We offer container warehouses with 3m² or 6m² cubicles in two variants:

  • View variant - light grey wood
  • Urban variant - light grey or matt black

Who are mini warehouses suitable for?

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Technical data

How much space is needed to place the container?

Size 20ft - dimensions
Length 6m
Width 2.5m
Height 2.5m
Total area 15m²

Size 40ft - dimensions
Length 12m
Width 2.5m
Height 2.9m
Total area 30m²

Size 20″ variants

5 cubicles of 3m²
2 cubicles of 3m² + 1 cubicle of 6m²

Size 40″ - variants

10 cubicles of 3m²
5 cubicles of 6m²

Container equipment


  • Metal exterior doors
  • Fittings with safety insert
  • Led lighting with sensor

Additional equipment options

  • Smart handle option - code access with individual settings
  • Camera
  • Possible electricity distribution, sockets
  • Bike stand
  • Upper partitions - extra storage space under the ceiling, e.g. for skis
  • Bespoke shelving

Where can I place the container?

  • On a flat paved surface
  • In parking lots, open spaces, under bridges, in yards with access where a truck can fit
  • Folding is easy with the size 20 - the car brings it by hand and folds it straight into place
  • For size 40, extra space is needed for a crane to dump the container from the truck on site

Where can't you get to with a container?

  • Into closed courtyards
  • For uneven surfaces
  • In the slope
  • Places where it is not possible to go by truck


If you are not sure if your plot is suitable, please contact us to find out what the possibilities are for placing our containers.

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