COOLTAINERS in your region!

Is there a lack of available storage space in your region? You want to use our services, but are far from established warehouse locations? Don't despair! Now you can have COOLTAINERS around the corner.

How does it work?

You let us know, we'll find a suitable enclosed area. You don't have to worry about a doorman, security, fencing, driveway or electricity connection - we'll take care of it all. It's up to you to use the warehouse without any worries, which is easily accessible by car or truck. We can also arrange for you to rent a lift truck if it is available on the premises.


How do you do that?

Fill out the form below to let us know that COOLTAINERS is missing in your district.
We will find a suitable location.

Benefits for you!

You save on shipping and handling, we pay for both.
You will have the warehouse at your disposal with a predetermined minimum rental period.
Speed of implementation.

We'll sort it all out online!

From enquiry to contract signing to access codes. All from the comfort of your office or home.

COOLTAINERS to the garden?

In addition to creating a storage location in your area, we can also place the container on your property. Perhaps even in your garden. In this case you pay for transport and handling according to the valid price list.

Demand COOLTAINERS to my district

Please fill in your details and we will contact you immediately to discuss the possibilities in the area you are looking for.

If you have any questions, please call +420 777 496 751

After submitting the form, we will contact you with information about opportunities in your region.

Container dimensions

Larger container "L"29 m2
  • about 500 boxes
  • office contents, furniture (100m2)
  • contents of the apartment - house 3+1 (100m2)
  • up to 12 motorcycles or 18 scooters
  • up to 22 Euro pallets
 Smaller container "M" 15m2 
  •   about 300 boxes
  • office content (60m²)
  •   contents of apartment 1+1, furniture (60m²)
  •   things from a larger garage
  • up to 5 motorcycles or 9 scooters
  •   up to 10 Euro pallets

Operated by Gift Retail s.r.o. 

Company ID 05523982
VAT CZ 05523982


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