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We offer a commission for customer referrals

How is commission calculated?

We offer a commission of 1 month's
rent when a client with a referral from you rents a warehouse for 12 months. For a shorter contract, the commission will be proportional to the number of months.

I.e. if
rents a large container for 3 months, the calculation of
commission will be as follows: ( 6690 / 12 ) * 3 = 1672,- CZK

How do I get a commission?

You get in touch with us, we'll give you your unique code. Whoever uses this code when ordering storage, we will automatically assign a commission or discount on storage for you in our system according to your preferences.


What does the customer get?

Customers with your code will also get a10% discount at


How does it work?

Contact us, by phone or email

We will assign you your unique code

When a customer fills in your code when placing an order with us, you automatically get a commission

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Short and long term

Containers located
in closed areas

Possibility to park
directly in front of the warehouse

Four sizes
3, 6, 14.5 and 29 m2

Operated by Gift Retail s.r.o. 

Company ID 05523982
VAT CZ 05523982


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