Mini warehouses

No place to store your archive? Do you lack a basement or a small storage room?

It is now possible to rent a small warehouse in our specially adapted containers of 3 or 6 m².

Modified cargo containers divided into smaller warehouses are located in our locations in Prague Chodov, Zličín, Radlice, Ruzina and Střížkov.

The 3 and 6 m² units are equipped with lighting and a security lock. They are accessible 24 hours a day in secure areas. Parking is available directly in front of the unit, or up to 12m away.

Equip your mini warehouse with a smart crank

For an additional fee of CZK 350,- per month, we offer the possibility of installing a smart handle on mini warehouses of the S and XS size for long-term leases. On the handle you can set an access pin which you can change freely using the mobile app. You can thus easily grant access to other persons. If you are interested in the handle, please tick the box I am interested in the smart handle in the order form during the order process.

Who is it suitable for?

Handling is user-friendly and the handle can be easily adjusted. It is controlled via the e-rosette app on your mobile phone. With the e-rosette app, you can set permissions for individual users, track history or set limited time input. Other control options are by entering a code directly on the handle, using an NFC card or a spare key.

How can I open?

Current prices and locations can be found here

What can fit in mini warehouses?

warehouse XS

Mini warehouse "XS" 3 m2 

  •   approx. 50 boxes
  •   two cabinets
  •   contents of the chamber
  •   up to 3 bicycles
  •   contents of a small cellar

Warehouse dimensions: 2.44m depth x 1.2m width x 2.5m depth. Doors 90cm.

Mini warehouse "S" 6 m2 

  •   approx. 120 boxes
  •   contents of one room
  •   contents of the garage
  •   up to 5 bicycles
  •   content of a larger cellar

Warehouse dimensions: 2.44m depth x 2.4m width x 2.5m height. Doors 90cm.

Do you need more space in your company or business? We will be happy to sell you a whole container with five or ten mini units.