The idea of clean and airy space will easily become a reality with us. Rent a container with us and you can immediately storeeverything that fits in it. It can also be used as a seasonal motorcycle garage or external store warehouse. If necessary, we will also be happy to arrange storage racks, packaging material or load transfer by forklift.

In addition, you can park your car, caravan or boat with us for a long time! More information can be found ► here 

Do you have too many things? We have space for them!

Today we have the last available capacities

Zličín containers

Zličín warehouses in the hall

Malešice containers

currently available:
3 pcs of containers size 14m²
3 pcs of containers size 29m²
currently available:
7 units of size 70m² – 204 m²
currently available:
0 pcs of containers size 14m²
4 pcs of containers size 29m²

How much can you fit in a container?

There are two container sizes, for example, 300-500 boxes or several motorcycles can be stored. A large container can fit up to €25 pallets.

More here How does it work?

How do I unload and store big things?

Don't worry. The car can be reached by car to the container door. We've got a fire truck and a storage cart ready. If necessary, our assistance on site can also be arranged. To rent trolleys, please contact us.

I have a lot of little things, where to go with them?

If you have many smaller things, then it is advisable to retrofit the container with storage racks. We will be happy to provide you with shelves, please contact us.

How much does it cost?

Small container 14.5 m²

ACTION CZK 3,843 excluding VAT per month

Large container 29 m²

ACTION CZK 4,543 excluding VAT per month

Discounts up to 30%

for long-term rental

I needed to vacate the house during the renovation, COOLTAINERS is the ideal short term storage service.

In addition, my husband found a place to store motorcycles for the winter. We're thrilled to have found you...


You can park your car, caravan or boat with us for a long time

Parking of vehicles

Do you have any idea where to park your vehicle? For example, do you have a van that won't fit in the garage? Or is it suitable for parking a van with stored items? Arrange. We have parking capacity in both our locations. 

Parking caravans

Do you have a house on wheels and are looking for a safe place to wait for your next adventure? We have room for a caravan. With water connection, electricity and waste, of course.

Boat parking

Do you have a boat? We have room for her! Spacious tarpaulin warehouses, lockable, in a guarded area. The area of the flat warehouse is 72 m² and our storage containers can be used for parking smaller boats. The price of the tarpaulin warehouse is CZK 7,900 excluding VAT per month.

Where can you find us?

Location ZLIČÍN